Are lab grown diamonds less expensive than natural diamonds?

Yes. Lab grown diamonds are more affordable and offer better value compared to natural diamonds of comparable size and quality.

Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes. All lab grown diamonds cultured using CVD or HPHT process are real diamonds. They display the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as natural diamonds.

How to differentiate between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are nearly impossible to differentiate from mined diamonds with the naked eye. Lab grown diamonds can be distinguished from mined diamonds if specialized equipment is used to test them.

Are lab grown diamonds flawless?

Like natural diamonds, lab created diamonds will vary in color, clarity, and cut. Each one is unique. Lab created diamonds may contain minor internal or surface inclusions, comparable to high quality natural diamonds.

Do lab created diamonds get cloudy?

Certainly not! Since they are physically and chemically the same as naturally mined diamonds, lab created diamonds do not have a lower durability and will not get cloudy over time.

What does it mean if my lab diamond is treated?

This is a standard part of the growing process. Some lab grown diamonds receive an extra dose of high temperature and high pressure after growing, just as a diamond growing naturally would be under extreme heat and pressure in the earth as it grows. Please note, only a selection of our diamonds include treatment on the certificate. Some diamonds may be treated but this will not be declared on the certificate.